Leaking Cartridge Causing Black Prints

Printer Repair Montreal: Usually, toner leaks aren’t a difficult issue you just remove the toner cartridge that is leaking, carefully clean out the print cavity, and the machine is ready for action like never before.

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In a worse case situation you may need to vacuum out the print cavity. Once in a while, in any case, it’s not this straightforward.

Case in point

On a recent service call with respect to a leaking toner, the leak really prompted paper jamming under the toner cartridge. The client had already replaced the toner cartridge in any case; tragically, the machine was currently printing all black pages. I promptly put the old cartridge (that was leaking) once more into the printer however kept on getting black pages. With both the old, leaking cartridge and the new substitution cartridge, I could faintly see that a print image was on the page (reparation imprimante). What’s more a motor test delivered the same result―black page with faint horizontal lines.


Normally black pages are caused about by four things; the cartridge, cartridge/HVPS contacts, HVPS, and, in uncommon cases the formatter (like in the P3005). To fix this issue, attempt each of these steps until you find the right solution for your solution:

  1. Try another toner cartridge.
  2. Clean out the print cavity and check for bent, grimy, or broken contact points.
  3. Remove formatter and attempt an engine test page.
  4. Remove the HVPS, check continuity on the contacts, clean the contacts and try once more.
  5. Replace HVPS
  6. In rare cases, you will need to replace the formatter

On the machine that I was working on, in the wake of investing lots of time cleaning out within the machine with no change, I needed to remove the HVPS. The contacts didn’t look excessively dirty but once I cleaned it out and set up it back together the machine was up and running once more.

Removing the HVPS isn’t the easiest task on this machine but one worth trying to keep the cost of new parts that may not be required.

The HVPS is underneath the toner cartridge. On the off chance that you have a major leak and you blow the machine out before trying to clean out overabundance toner then you could be making more issues. Continuously wipe down within the machine first and search for piles of toner, particularly around the exchange roller. Most manufacturers don’t recommend spraying canned air in machines. I commonly don’t recommend it to my clients, either.

However, if you decide to utilize compacted air, start by spraying at a low rate and work up to full force. Also, cover the slot for the laser scanner assembly to keep toner dust from getting on the optics. Else, you may need to remove the HVPS and laser scanner unit.

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